I've been spending a lot of time at www.jimmycakes.com and Tumblr recently. If you have a Tumblr account and would like to see my artwork, my surfing, or my craftsmanship pop up on your feed every now and then, please come visit. As an incentive, of sorts, I've started posting my new followers up on my robot's computer monitor. I got this idea from my pal and fellow Titan of Cartoonitude, Chris Gugliotti. He does something very similar with a chalk board.
My wife got me an amazing set of tiny sketchpads as an early birthday gift while she was in Boston. I'm using these pads to flesh out some pages for my web comic Robotic Madness. If you look really hard you can see a penciled page of next weeks Robotic Madness. But my F1.8 on my Nikon is creating a depth of field SO fierce, that you probably can't see much. I look forward to seeing my website visits skyrocket this week! Take care!

I've been away from webcomics for too long. It's time that I bring it back and fill it with piles of what you all love. Robots. Yes! You've been asking for almost ten years. Deviant Society and Zennon3 left the web over ten years ago! I can't believe it. Soured by that experience, I stayed away from webcomics. But after pondering my dilemma, con after con, I decided to get back in the game. Get ready for an exciting adventure with your new robotic friend G.A.R.K. and the strange characters he'll meet along the way.

Visit www.jimmycakes.com to read the web comic now.
I just updated my schedule on the home page. I have four events so far that I'll be attending in 2012. Typically you will only see me at New York Comic Con, but this year I'm trying to spread the word! Come visit!

Free Comic Book Day- May 5th, 2012 - Visit the website
Sarge's Comics New London, CT
All Day Event.

ComicConn- August 18th, 2012 - Visit the Website
I will be sharing a table with Chris Gugliotti!

New York Comic Con 2012 - Visit the Website
I will hopefully be at a table with Joe Caramagna

Rhode Island Comic Con - November 3rd-4th, 2012 - Visit the Website
I will be sharing a table with Chris Gugliotti!
Free Comic Book Day is upon us. Do you know what free comic book day is? It's when you're local comic shop buys a WHOLE bunch of special comics to give away free. It's not free for them. They do it as a gift to the local comic book collecting population. They also do it to inspire the interest of comics in us all.

To support FCBD this year, I'm heading down to Sarge's Comics in New London CT. You all come to my conventions and support by purchasing my $10 robot sketches. Well, I'm rewarding you all by doing free robot sketches for any kid that comes in that door on Saturday. At least while I'm there. 

So, if you love comics, want to love comics, are thinking about getting into comics or if you kid has no hobbies and you've tried EVERYTHING ELSE, come down to Sarge's and show them how awesome reading can be. Yes. I said reading. Sure, there's lots of pictures in there, but often there is a WHOLE lot of text. Come on down, give support to a local business, get free stuff and buy a few things while you're there too. I look forward to seeing you there and I hope I give away TONS of free sketches. If not, my robots will be very said and most likely revolt.

In the past few months I have start building shelves, reorganizing, finishing bits and pieces and cleaning up my studio to help me get more motivated to produce work. It has helped considerably. I just decided that my studio is too dark and I need to ad some flare to various parts by adding some lighter colors. I am going to start this process by adding a focal corner to the studio where I can also hang up my guitars and relax. Here are some pics now. Not sure what I'll add to the area. Robot arms? A pattern? Who knows!? Can't wait until it is done.