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I'll be giving a talk about illustrating (as well as my work for Scholastic and LEGO Club) and showing kids how to draw some mini figures. Bring LEGO Save This Christmas and I'd be happy to sign it and do a quick doodle in it.

When: July 2nd, 2pm
Where: Douglas Library, Hebron CT

Another custom skate deck. This time painted for Drift Surf Shop down in Wakedfield RI. They carry Boardstix, which I'm using to paint the deck in the video below. If you are interested in a custom illustration on a skateboard, longboard, surfboard, skimboard etc... contact me via the contact page on this website. Prices vary. Full boards start at $100 and go up from there. We can discuss smaller designs or accommodate your budget. This board is on display at Drift Surf Shop and may even be available for purchase.
I was recently asked to paint a custom skate deck using Boardstix brand markers. This was a Christmas gift for a local Rhode Islander's son. It was a fun, exciting and simple process. My customer had some ideas and was looking for a composition created with my very own art style. I really enjoy when people appreciate my artwork enough to give me a loose idea to create a composition. Not only does this simplify the process, but it allows me considerable creative freedom resulting in a more powerful product. You can view a video of me finishing off the deck. Unfortunately my GoPro had some issues during the first part of my painting.

Click here to see video.
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As I was furiously working on my Movember campaign, drawing freelance for LEGO Club and doing a few commissions, I was hired to build a cigar box uke for friend and steampunk artist, Michael Salerno. It was a gift for his son and I'm told he loved it. In fact, I loved it and would like one of my own some day. But I don't have time to build for myself, so others must experience the joy of my art and instruments. Here's a slide show for everyone to check out.

I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog, but I've been busy with freelance, projects and my personal life. The good news is I seem to have plenty of freelance work which unfortunately means that my personal projects, like Robotic Madness, have been put off. I've been doing piles of work for LEGO Club magazine, so if you get it in the mail you've probably seen my comic art in there as well as on www.lego.com. I've also been doing some random freelance work and small projects here and there for other people. I've been doing a lot of design work for a surf shop in RI called "Drift Surf." It's located on Main St. in Wakefield and it's a great locally owned shop with fantastic customer service. Here is some photography and design work I've done for them recently.
I've been spending a lot of time at www.jimmycakes.com and Tumblr recently. If you have a Tumblr account and would like to see my artwork, my surfing, or my craftsmanship pop up on your feed every now and then, please come visit. As an incentive, of sorts, I've started posting my new followers up on my robot's computer monitor. I got this idea from my pal and fellow Titan of Cartoonitude, Chris Gugliotti. He does something very similar with a chalk board.
Well, the book that I drew for Scholastic is finally out in stores and online. The title of the book is LEGO City Save This Christmas. The book came out pretty good. I had a lot of fun working on it. I'm hoping I will be on some more projects with Scholastic soon. Only time will tell. I'm going to try and have a few copies at New York Comic Con as well as Rhode Island Comic Con. I will probably only be at New York for Saturday and Sunday this year. Please drop by Artist Alley and say hello. I'll be haning out with my pals, Joe Caramagna, Andrew Edge and Dennis Budd.
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Wow! What a great weekend! Comiconn was a success and I look forward to doing it next year. I also added my web comic to Comic Rocket so you all can read it easier! You're welcome!! Drop by www.jimmycakes.com to read more blogs and see photos of Comiconn. You can also read Robotic Madness there. You can also click the image on the left here to add Robotic Madness to your Comic Rocket pull list!

I recently did the interior illustrations for a Scholastic book called, LEGO City Save This Christmas. It's a fun little story for young readers that follows a bunch of goofy LEGO Crooks through LEGO City as they try and take all the presents from the local LEGO people. The book will be available on September 1st according to Amazon. Here's the listing. Feel free to bring it to any of the conventions I am attending. I'd be happy to sign the book. See the home page for my calendar of appearances. Thanks!
Come one come all!! This Saturday, the Titans of Cartoonitude, Jason May and Chris Gugliotti, are invading Comiconn in Trumbull, CT. We we will have original art, books, prints and delightful conversations! Guaranteed to delight people of all ages!* 

Just a few more days left. While you're waiting for this fabulous even to arrive please drop by my web comic Robotic Madness and Chris' web comic Playing Dead. If you like them please share them with friends and family. These are free comics we are creating for you folks. Make them last by making them popular! We'll see you there!!

Chris has a special comic which he launched on Facebook just now. You can only view it there at the moment. Click here to check it out. It will be available on www.playingdeadthecomic.com on Wednesday. But why wait?

*I can't promise we'll delight, but it sounds real good!